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Wielkopolska National Park

Wielkopolska National Park is visited by over a million tourists per year. In the Park there are five marked walking trails with the total length of 85 km. The trails outline 7 sightseeing routes, which enable the visitors to get acquainted not only with the values of nature, but also of culture of the region. The Park also offers over 100 km of routes for cyclers and 30 km for horse-riding lovers

There are numerous monuments located in the area of the Park. The most precious ones include the 17th century wooden church in Łódź. Other churches of slighly lower historical value may be found in Puszczyków, Stędzew and Wiry. 19th century manor houses in Szreniawa and Trzebaw have been preserved until today. The ruins of the castle built in 1827 by Tytus Działyński for his sister Klaudyna Potocka on the Zamkowa Island on the Góreckie Lake is also an interesting place.

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