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Hotel Park

The Hotel Park, also referred to as the Banquet Park, belongs to the Green Hotel.

The Park was created in the area of the former shooting range, which, after renovation, became an important attraction of the Park. The backstop built at the end of the shooting range and one of the side slopes divide the Park into two parts: the "old" and the "new" one. Both parts are linked by a bridge over a small pond and water cascades.

In both parts a wooden roof was built, under which benches, tables and hearths are placed, and where the grilled dishes, specially prepared in the Green Hotel's kitchen, are served. It is possible to build bonfires in the area of the Park.

The shooting range has three positions and allows shooting at the distance up to 35 meters, also with the use of rifles with live ammunition.

Closed form of the shooting range and its large size result in the fact tat it can successfully serve as a convenient place for the organization of other outdoor activities. Here one can perform fire shows combined with walking on hot coals or, for example, the shows of fights of the Piast dynasty warriors with shooting using ancient weapons (bow, crossbow)

It is also possible to organize a wedding ceremony in the Park, as well as other events, such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, wedding after-parties... so... THE ONLY such PARK is waiting for you!


  • may host up to 300 people
  • has its own barbecue hearth
  • has a permanent roof
  • has a shooting range

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